Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well..... I got a call from my surgeon's office today: they need to postpone my surgery due to "an issue in the operating room." I guess some equipment might not be working? Or maybe they're moving things around? (Kaiser is in the process of moving to a building across the street, I don't know if my designated OR is part of that move.) Regardless, I am now scheduled to have surgery a week from now, on Wednesday, August 5th. I'm told I'll be the first operation of the day - hooray! That's actually a good thing - I'm hoping my surgeon will be nice and rested and ready to operate - better than being scheduled at the end of the day! And it increases my odds of being able to leave that day, and not having to stay overnight.

The woman who called me today, my surgeon's assistant, apologized repeatedly - apparently they (my surgeon and his office) got next to no notice about this situation, and are left scrambling around trying to rearrange operations - not a fun series of calls for her to make.

So, yes, no surgery for me this week. Next Wednesday is the day! Another week of freedom, another week with my thyroid! My thyroid & I may go hiking this weekend to celebrate. It is frustrating to have to wait, but I think it'll work out for the best.

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