Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

I have an appointment tomorrow morning at the "Amitabha Medical Clinic & Healing Center" up in Sebastopol. A friend of mine who specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends this place. Well, more specifically he recommended the doctor who runs it, but that guy is on "extended sabbatical" (lucky dude) so I will be in the [hopefully] capable hands of Elaine, one of the center's nurse practitioners. Everyone there is in contact with the doctor, and Elaine called him on Monday to ask about his thoughts re. my thyroid cancer. We will discuss options tomorrow.
My main reason for going is to get another outlook on ways to keep my body as healthy & happy as possible leading up to surgery and throughout all the treatments afterwards. The Amitabha center specializes in combining Western & Eastern medical philosophies in treatments of various types of cancer, and I have been told to expect a strong emphasis on vitamins & herbs. I really doubt anyone at Kaiser will offer me anything more than painkillers & thyroid hormone pills after surgery (let alone before), so I'm super pleased to be adding another type of fighter to my team.
It's exciting, because the focus will be on keeping me healthy, not on cutting me open. (Which, yes, is done to keep me healthy, but still doesn't sound like a healthy thing to do. Make sense?)
I'm looking forward to the appointment, and will report back.

You can read about the clinic by clicking here.

p.s. the url of this image (taken from the Center's website) is cracking me up! "herbz.jpg"

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