Thursday, May 28, 2009

Optimus Prime as a source of inspiration....?

It's absolutely ridiculous, but I can't stop thinking about one of the lines from the upcoming Transformers movie. In the trailer, Optimus Prime (at least I think it's him) can be heard intoning:
"Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing."

Yes, it sounds like a messed-up Hallmark card, but it also really kindof sums up my feelings lately. Everyone's going to have something happen to them in their lives that's kindof crummy, at least, and devastating at worst, and you can rarely predict when this is going to happen. The best you can do is try and take that event, get through it, and hope to come out the other side the stronger for it. Ideally you can take what you learned and use that knowledge to help people who are only just hitting that brick wall of awfulness.
As of a week ago my thought process regarding this was pretty vague, just knowing that something was probably out there that wasn't much fun, but surely that was decades away. Now that something scary is knocking on my door ("the door of my life...." - can I get that on a card as well?), I'm having to reorganize some of my priorities and long-term vs. immediate goals. It's a wrenching process, but probably ultimately for the best. (Not the cancer, eff that, but the ways in which I'm being forced to excersize my brain and my emotional responses to things.) This isn't the worst thing that could happen to anybody, and for that I'm thankful: I have time to think about things, and the expectation that the worst that will come of this is a little daily annoyance in the form of a pill. And maybe I'll hit the jackpot & come out of this a wiser human being?
Thanks, Optimus.

Check out the trailer. Yeah, it's pretty much the story of my life from here on out. Especially the sand-bot. Or, no wait, the ocean-bot!

Transformer "Revenge of the Fallen" theatrical trailer from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

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