Sunday, May 9, 2010


So, had my meeting with the doctor a couple weeks ago, and it went pretty well. We talked TSH and vitamin levels. It turns out he hadn't ordered my Vitamin D levels to be checked during my last blood test because it takes a while for changes to show up. (Tho I feel like a couple months should be long enough...) He says he will have those levels checked next time I get a blood test, in June. As to my TSH, well, it still wasn't low enough, apparently. It's actually just about perfect for most people, but for someone who recently had thyroid cancer they want the levels to be below zero, basically, as this supposedly helps prevent the cancer from returning. But they don't want it too low, because then I'll become hyperthyroid and get all nervous & jittery. His solution: take an extra half-pill once a week and get tested again in June. He warned I might start feeling short-tempered and have trouble sleeping, but no problems yet.

He did think my scar looked redder than it should for how long it's been since my surgery. I have tried to keep in covered in sunscreen, but do admit to not putting any on when the weather's been grey & cloudy. Maybe that's a mistake. But it was starting to make my neck itch. *sigh*.... I definitely didn't go into the sun without protection - it helps to think of your scar as a tiny vampire that needs to be shielded from the light. Pro tip, there. Anyhoo, I don't have an explanation for the redness, and my doctor suggested emailing my surgeon, perhaps attaching a photo for reference. I still need to do that.

Beyond the TSH level & scar redness, my doctor thinks things look great. He said the nicest thing he ever has to me: "As far as I'm concerned, you're done." I show all the signs of someone who has successfully beaten thyroid cancer. Naturally noone can be sure, but he feels any futher worry would be unjustified. I'll see him again in a year and I will need to do the scan again, but not for a while, and I think that'll be my last one. Maybe? My stomach aches are happening less often and the pills are not a worry. I still frown at them occasionally and do feel a bit sad when I refill my pill case weekly, but hey. It's not so bad.

What is a Big Deal is that the first anniversary of my diagnosis is approaching. Kindof feeling creeped out by that. May 19th was when I heard the news over the phone, and that day and moment are forever etched into my brain. Fortunately I have plans to go to a show that night, and I expect to have a great time. But I think I'll still feel weird all day.


  1. Yay! So happy for you. Keep on truckin'.

  2. Surgical scars can start looking more red or pink several months out as the area revascularizes (tiny blood vessels grow back), then they should start to fade again. But definitely keep being vigilant with the sunscreen! During a sunny winter day here in SC I wasn't careful and got too much sun on my neck/scar, and it stayed red for a long time.

  3. Thanks for the pointers, CAFH - I finally did email a photo to my surgeon, and he seemed to think it would stay red like this forever. Not to say I know more that a doctor, but that seems unlikely to me. Even if it does stay like this I won't be crushed, but I'm still keeping up with the sunscreen, and we'll see.