Thursday, April 15, 2010

Limbo (not the game)

Another brief update here to mention that my endocrinologist hasn't gotten in touch with me. Which isn't as uncool as it might sound, since I actually have an appointment with him this coming Monday. (The first in several months, only the 2nd since the surgery.) I had just assumed that he would touch base with me before we met. Eh.

So Monday morning I get to ask any questions I have, tho at this point I don't have many. I may ask about a few random symptoms. (I don't actually list every single symptom on this blog, which is for the best I think since it's probably boring and possibly unrelated to thyroid issues, anyway.) I never got any vitamin D test results this time 'round which just drives me crazy - isn't it natural to expect that after starting a new supplement to correct previous test results?!

Oh well. Off to see a movie tonight - watching "A Single Man" at the Castro. I've seen it before, but can't pass up the chance to watch it in those surroundings.

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