Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My doctor called today: The scan shows no sign of cancer! I've obviously still got radiation in me (ick) but no thyroid cancer lurking anywhere. HUGE relief.

It's not the end of the saga: I'll be monitored for the rest of my life, since it could decide to return anytime. But it probably won't, and this happy news is definitely great for my morale.


(photo from - they are amazing.)


  1. That's great news!!! I found your blog through facebook. I was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer this past year. I had 2 surgeries, the 1st time around they thought they could salvage half my thyroid because the biopsies kept coming back inconclusive but once they removed half of my thyroid with the nodule in question I got the bad news that it did in fact test positive for cancer. I just had my 2nd surgery 2 weeks ago and I'm scheduled for radiation Feb 5, 2010. I'm so glad I found your blog, gave me a bit of an insight as to what I can expect. So glad to hear that you are cancer free! I'm hoping to get the same news once all is done :)

    Take care & thanks again for sharing your experience!

  2. Thanks for your note! Best of luck as you start on your adventure. I can tell you that writing about it has definitely helped me.
    I guess I sortof lucked out in that they took all my thyroid in one go.... I mean, at least there was less stressful waiting involved.

    Well, feel free to comment more and/or leave me messages on Facebook. Take care!